SAP HANA is an in memory data base solution of SAP AG company.(In Memory database:are 10 times faster then the traditional data base).HANA stands for Hasso’s New Architecture.

SAP HANA Components:

SAP HANA DB:Refers to the core database

SAP HANA Studio:Refers to the modeling tools

SAP HANA Appliance:The term computer appliance is used for marriage of hardware and software specially tuned for that hardware.SAP HANA Appliance refers to the HANA DB,Studio and other tools delivered as appliance.There are certified vendor that offer hardware on which SAP HANA saoftware could be installed and tuned.

SAP HANA Application Cloud:Refers to the cloud based infrastructure for delivery of appliance.

SAP-HANA can be used as OLTP & OLAP application.SAP HANA offers query processing environment for structured and unstructured data.(Note:both OLTP & OLAP are structured system.)SAP HANA is 100% ACID compliant.In 2012 SAP HANA support 100TB RAM this settings are available in IBM Powered devices.and it can keep 500TB of Uncompressed data.