In this series of blog i will explain how you can use Graph API using python to make simple request and make some data analysis with it.

So what is Graph API?

It is a API developed by facebook so you can use it to gate data from facebook for example data from pages, groups or even on your personal pages. Facebook contain huge amount of valuable data that you want as a data analyst ,scientist or a researcher we will use python and panda for this series.

We will make some simple example on pages and groups and gets things like what are more interesting posts or comments and when hope you will enjoy.

1st google for “graph api”   and under Tools and Support click on Graph and Explore.

Graph Explorer screen

Lets know how graph api works.

Access Token:It is like who you are and get request i.e url what information you want to query.

you can search the key words from the search box and add to the url. limit(n) it’means it will display latest n number of post. In the down of the explorer screen if next is displaying that indicate there are more post that are not shown here. Search area is like tree. you can play with this graph explorer to bring more information.

In the next post will show you how to download and save all data from Facebook page or a Facebook group keeping in a certain place.