During this series you can learn how to use power bi to connect the data analyze and model that data to bring the insights and track the data that changes over time how you can make better business decision.

Power bi have: Desktop Application which allows you to connect the data model it analyze and enrich it then visualize that data. There are mobile application and there are programmatic approach you can handle the data.

Will start with power bi desktop, connect to excel spreed sheet data pull data and build some visualization then how we can publish that to powerbi.com service and build some dashboard from that share and collaborate with organization.

when you will open power bi desktop you will see getting started screen.

To begin you need to click on Get data. you will get list of data source that power bi supports.

Click on excel then connect choose financial sample.

When it will preview you can see all the tables and tabs select the tables.

User can edit the data or you can directly click on load. you can see all the columns from that excel are translated into fields in power bi right hand site. You can directly drag and drop the fields to create visualization.

you can drag sales and segment for visualization.

User can select different chart option from visualization chart. There after drag sales and country.

By this visualization you can clearly see Canada and USA have higher sales. All these visualization are linked together. You can select on particular segment and according to that sales will be changed in geo map.

To publish user need to click on publish and share. 1st you have to save it locally.

Sign in to powerbi account and work space click on got it.

Same visualization you can see in browser with interactivity.

In the next post i will share how you can connect to Software as A Service application that may be run by 3rd party pulling data from that to power bi so that you can build report and dashboard on that data.